The automatic video editing solution for zipline videos and photos.


The first ever all-in-one automatic video editing solution.

Powerful hardware combined with advanced software automatically transfers, analyzes, edits and delivers a hand-full of customer videos in under an hour.

Never charge, transfer, or reformat again, the box does it all automatically. Now, all your staff members have to do is drop the camera in the box and their job is done.

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Automatic Cloud Delivery
As soon as a the video and photos are done processing, they automatically upload to the Revl cloud and are delivered to your customers via email and mobile app.


Branded Email & Delivery Page
Customers receive a branded email that links them to a web delivery page where they can watch and download their videos and photos.


Mobile App
Customers can get their video and photo packages minutes after their ride directly on their phones, no need for a computer.


Replaces all your outdated hardware and software.

Never again:
• Use complicated editing software
• Deal with computer and software crashes
Charge camera batteries
Transfer video and photo files
Backup hard drives
Reformat SD cards
Manually upload to a cloud or USB Drive
Manually email videos and photos

All of this is done 100% automatically.


Videos edited by Artificial Intelligence.

A.I. Video Analysis
Our artificial intelligence looks at the footage to find the best parts of the video using computer vision and motion data captured on the Revl camera. The best clips are then arranged and synchronized to the music.

Deliver in Minutes, Not Days.
Your customers can now share their videos within minutes of their ride while they are still excited. No more #throwbackthursdays.

Make Fewer Mistakes
Revl automatically corrects human error. If your instructors film too many or too few clips or forgets to stop recording, Revl X will intelligently correct the video so it always provides the same great quality videos.


Videos optimized for social media sharing.

Multiple Videos Optimized for Social Media
Revl X generates up to 3 unique videos, boomerangs, and photos that are optimized for social media.

Branded Videos and B-Roll
Revl has a team of professional film makers that will capture beautiful B-Roll that will showcase your brands experience and includes a branded intro, outro, and optional watermark.

Generate New Customers with Every Share
Every time a Revl X video is shared on social media your brand is exposed to new potential customers.


View and share on the App.

Customizable Music
Customers can easily personalize their final video by adding their own music from their library or choosing from our in-app license free music selection.

One-Tap Sharing
With the Revl X app, customers can share their video directly to social media. No need for a computer or USB drive.

Share Directly from the App
Share to social media without leaving or switching apps.


Sell more videos with the Onboarding app

Your Video Sales Wingman
It’s now easier than ever for customers to select their media packages because they can visually see the differences between each package, pricing, and what’s included.

Tailored to Your Media Packages
We customize the display to show sample videos, photos, messaging and pricing from your zipline.

Reliable Customer Tracking
Customers type in their own email and confirm it’s correct, and are then assigned a QR code that is read by the camera for reliable customer identification.


Manage your video operations from anywhere.

Customer Media is Safe and Sound
USB drives, NAS, and external hard drives can get lost, damaged, or corrupted. With the Revl X, videos and photos are safely stored on the cloud for up to one year depending on your service selection.

Faster Customer Support
Now any staff member can quickly provide customers support when needed. Using a very organized and intuitive interface, you can review and access raw footage, edited videos and photos, as well as resend media to your customers.

Accurate ID tracking
Our system automatically tracks each unique user, ensuring videos always get delivered on time to the right person.

Raw Footage Access
Customers who request the raw footage can easily be sent a download link to their video files. Even offer raw footage as an up-sell to your customers.


Camera and mounts designed for adventure.

Ultra Reliable Camera and Firmware
The Revl camera was created by former NASA and aerospace engineers to be extremely durable, rugged and reliable. Designed for heavy daily use without freezes or crashes.

One Camera for Video + Photo
Forget having to mount two cameras on your helmet or wrist mount, you only need one camera to provide Videos + Photos to customers.

Optional Gimbal Mount
The Revl Arc's 360 degree rotational gimbal mount makes it easy for any camera flyer to get a steady professional shot, even when falling 13,000 ft. from the sky.


Ultra-safe and easy-to-use mounting solutions.

Snag-Free Design
Designed with safety in mind, all helmet and wrist mounts are designed to be snag-free.

Easy Twist Lock
Mounting the Revl Arc is super easy. Just twist it on and it’s locked in. No more buckles and screws.

Angle Adjust
Adjust the angle of your camera and securely lock it in place so you dont have to constantly adjust it.

An end-to-end solution – packed with powerful features.

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Generates Revenue

Offer more video and photo products, cut costs, scale with no extra overhead as your video volume increases. 

Fast Delivery Copy@2x.png

Instant Delivery

Customers can watch and share their experience videos and photos right after their activity.

Higher Quality Videos Copy@2x.png

High Quality Videos

We create professional video templates that include B-Roll, animated intros, and outs and the rest is done by A.I.

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Social Media Package

Deliver multiple videos, curated photos, and social media content that is instantly shareable. 

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Your Own Cloud Storage

Videos, photos, and raw files are safely stored on the Revl cloud at no extra cost, and can be accessed from anywhere at the click of a button.


Mobile Apps

Customers can download their media from the the Revl App, customize the music of their videos, and share directly to social media.

Stablized Cam@2x.png

Optional Gimbal Stabilization

The 4K Revl Arc camera captures comes with an optional gimbal mount that allows anyone to capture stable video in any environment.

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Easy Video Management

Manage and monitor videos without any knowledge of how to edit. Resend videos, raw footage, and even quarantine unwanted videos.