What kind of experiences does Revl X support?

Our goal is to support every kind of adventure experience whether it’s underwater, on land, in the air, and even in space. Currently, Revl X is focusing on skydiving, driving, flight, and zip-line experiences.

Does Revl require Internet?

Yes, to get the most of the Revl system a fast internet upload speed is recommended. We recommend 10+ Mbps upload speed.

Revl will still work with slower upload speeds, but delivery times will be increased. Media quality settings can be adjusted as needed to adapt to the internet upload speed.

For locations with NO internet connection, Revl has partnered with Unlimitedville.com to provide unlimited wireless plans with all major cellular carriers (4G, LTE). For larger locations we can even bridge two LTE routers together to create high speed connection with no data limit.

If the internet connection is lost for hours or even days, the system continues working and rendering videos on-site. Once internet connectivity is back, it will resume uploading customer media automatically.

View our recommended internet speed chart →

How does Revl X work?

During check in, customers select a video package from the Onboarding app and are handed a QR tag.

Once they are ready for their experience, a staff member scans their QR tag with the Revl camera and then the rest of the experience is captured.

After the experience, staff members drop the cameras into the Editing Box.

The Editing Box automatically transfers and analyses footage, wipes the SD card, charges the camera, and edits the videos and photos.

It then automatically uploads all the videos to the cloud, and delivers customers their videos on a web page and mobile app.

How do my customers view their videos and photos?

Videos and photos are automatically delivered in a branded email that links them to a branded web delivery page.

They can also download and log into the Revl mobile App with their email and see their videos and photos right on the app.

How long after the experience can customers see their videos and photos?

Delivery speed varies on internet speed and video volume. Customers will usually be able to see their videos in just a few minutes after their activity.

Will I make money with Revl X?

Yes! Revl Experiences makes money for you! For experience providers new to video, you will instantly increase your profit per customer. For experience providers who already offer video, Revl X will save you time and money by automating the video editing process, offering customers more video products, and allowing you to scale without additional overhead.

What’s your pricing structure?

We use a pay per video pricing structure. This way you only pay for the videos you sell.

All the extra benefits of Revl are included in the price, such as mobile app, onboarding app, cloud storage, video template editing, motion graphics, automatic features, new software features, camera maintenance, and support.

Does Revl X require a long-term contract?

No, Revl Experiences does not require a long term contract. You can cancel any time and get a full refund within 60 days and a partial refund within the first year.

How does Revl X help with brand exposure on social media?

Every Revl X video comes with a branded intro, B-roll and outro. This means that every time someone watches a customer video, your brand will be exposed to a new potential customer. Think of it like free viral marketing.

Because customers are getting their videos faster and while they are still excited, they are more likely to share their videos!

Is the Revl Cloud and App included?

Yes, the cloud is included as part of the service. We also are able to apply your branding to the automated emails and web delivery page. Think of it as “your own professional cloud delivery”. No more dropbox and wetransfer!

What camera does Revl X support?

Revl curently supports the Revl Arc action camera. Using our own camera gives us full control to create unique features that make automatic editing and delivery possible. Learn more about the Revl Arc Cameras here.

Can we send customers their raw footage?

Yes, you can easily send your customers a link to their raw footage using the Operator Dashboard.

Does Revl operate internationally?

Yes, Revl X does operate in most international locations. We are based in San Francisco, California.

What are some other benefits of the Revl system?

  • No more Accidental Deletion. Revl X stores footage on the cloud so it’s always available.
  • No more SD card mixup. Revl X offloads footage without removal of the SD card.
  • No more videos delivered to wrong customer. Revl X will always deliver to the email entered.
  • No more manual uploads or USB sticks. Revl automatically uploads videos to the cloud and delivers them to the customers email and to the Revl app.
  • No more hiring and training video editors. Revl requires a one time setup and will continue to work for you as long as you desire. It can also be scaled easily as your business grows.
  • Customers can change music in the app!

Can I display the most recent video on a TV?

Yes, the Onbaording app can automatically display the most recent 10 videos as a screensaver or in a dedicated viewing mode.