What is the difference between the Revl and the GoPro?

The major differences between the Revl and the GoPro is that we have built in stabilization, sensor data recording, and assisted editing built right into our system. You will get beautiful stable videos that you can share instantly.

What is the average battery life?

90 minutes of recording per battery. Revl comes with two batteries. This number goes up and down depending on what resolution and frame rate settings you're using.

Are there any slow motion capabilities?

Yes, slow motion capabilities are available when filming at or above 60fps. So 1080p and 720p will be able to facilitate slow motion.

Does the camera shoot video and stills?

The Revl can capture 4K, 1080p, 720p video, and 12MP stills.

How does the camera and software know how to edit?

Our camera has emotion recognition which recognizes when people are having fun, frightened, surprised, etc. We have 5 sensors including GPS that measure location, speed, acceleration, rotation, elevation, g-force, magnetic north. We use this data along with machine learning, computer vision, and algorithms to find the best parts of your video; your fastest, highest, and gravity defying moments.

How is the camera's audio?

Revl Arc records stereo AAC audio at 48KHz, 128Kbit/s. It also has built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) option.

What is the Wi-Fi Range?

150ft for Wi-Fi and 30 ft for Bluetooth.

What is the Field Of View?

FOV is 150º.