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Hardware FAQ’s


Can I lease the hardware?

Yes you can! If you don’t want a huge upfront cost. Learn more about leasing Revl for your business by clicking the link below.

Learn More about Leasing →

How much volume can the hardware handle?

Our hardware is able to horizontally scale allowing us to serve a handful of skydivers to hundreds of zipliners per day.

What happens if a camera stops working?

We always provide at least 1 extra camera to our customers as a back-up camera. If a camera fails, simply swap it out for the back-up. You can then send us the faulty camera and we will fix or replace it.

Can you make custom mounts?

Revl has a set of specialized mounting solutions for skydiving, racing, ziplines, and alpine coasters. If our current mounting solutions do not work for your business, we have a full team of industrial designers, mechanical and electrical engineers who can help create the best mounts possible for your business.

Is there maintinence?

If any hardware issues do arrise we will either remotely show you how to fix it, send a specialist to your location for repair, or send you new equiptment entirely.

We build our hardware to work idoors and outdoors, but better kept environments tend to perform better in the long run. Proper handling and care also go a long way.