Skydive San Diego

Skydive San Diego was the very first drop zone to adopt Revl X. They initially reached out to us inquiring about our cameras and we later responded with the news about our new editing system. They were excited from the very beginning and now are up and running with Revl X. And we have improved both the employee’s and the customers experience. In the first month, their customer satisfaction improved rate improved immediately, with 90% fewer phone calls related to video from their previous (manual) system.

Skydive Puerto Rico

Skydive Puerto Rico was absolutely stoked that their biggest problem at their Drop zone was 100% fixed thanks to Revl! They now can leave the drop zone and have time to themselves to skydive or just go home and relax knowing their videos are getting edited and delivered all automatically.

And their customers are happy too now that they get their videos in just 10 minutes after their skydive!


Audi Driving Experience

Audi Driving Experience operates across the world and attracts thousands of high profile customers each year. We helped Audi’s Driving Experience program solve a huge problem they were having, they noticed their customers were filming inside the cars with their own cameras, but videos turned out shaky and boring— so they were searching for an innovation. We created a portable multi-camera automated editing system which they can use at any of their their racetrack locations as well as events.