Revl Launches Its Smart Action Cam to Take on GoPro

After raising $2M in February 2016, Revl has announced the launch of their gyroscopic action cam to take on GoPro.

In recent years, GoPro has become a household name in the action cam arena.  Founded in 2002, they have consistently dominated the industry with their HERO cam series and a focus on empowering people to record anywhere in any environment.  Broadly speaking, an action cam is a digital camera built for recording hi-definition video while being fully immersed in the experience.  Think about it this way: would you use your iPhone to video yourself while white water rafting?  Well, maybe some of you would, but most of us would probably drop our phone, damage it, or make an unwatchable video.

Founded in 2015, Revl is looking to disrupt the action cam market by incorporating video stabilization and automated editing into the creation of smart action camera.  This will allow enthusiasts to video themselves hurdling through the air while sky diving, wake-boarding at high speeds, and skiing down a black diamond, all with automated video stabilization.

The Revl Arc smart action camera automates video capturing, editing, and sharing, with the goal of enabling enthusiasts to upload professional quality videos without the production hassle.

Revl Smart Action Camera

CEO Eric Sanchez, a former engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft, founded Revl in order to launch the world’s first stabilized action camera. “At the core of any adventure, users just want to capture and share their moments instantly,” says Sanchez.“There is a video-hoarding epidemic. People are recording tons of video footage, however these moments rarely get shared because the footage is shaky and unusable or because it takes hours to edit. We want people to revel in their best moments by sharing ultra-stable, high-quality videos instantly. We have created the solution to this epidemic with our ultra-stabilized camera and built-in editing features, no computer required.”

San Francisco-based Revl is currently in Y-Combinator’s Winter 2016 class and isbacked by Y Combinator, Bill Tai, James Lindenbaum, Google Maps co-creator Lars Rasmussen, and frogVenturesTM.  

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Revl Arc is a 4K Waterproof Action Camera with Image Stabilization & Smart Editing

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