REVL UPDATE - On the Road Edition - March 2017

Hi there! As promised, we’ve got some Revl updates for you—from the road.

Our team is split this month, traveling the globe to finalize features, make connections, and get things rolling for our launch. With half of our team working on manufacturing in China, and the other half figuring out distribution in Europe, we’ve got a real divide and conquer tactic going.


The Lens – We are really happy to announce that we’ve sourced a new lens that has a lot less distortion than our previous version as well as better color and contrast. As we mentioned before, the old model was soon to be discontinued, and we wouldn’t be able to mass produce the camera with it. Luckily, we ended up finding an even better lens, and our next step is to calibrate it with the firmware.

REVL New and Old Lens

The Antenna – After a lot of prototyping, we finally fixed our antenna position. Thus far we’ve produced three different versions of the camera with the antenna in a different position on each. We were looking for the perfect setup that would provide the best reception, especially because the antenna is shared between the camera’s GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections—excellent reception is key. Great news, we achieved 100% of our antenna efficiency goals.

The Board – We just built the third revision of the camera’s board, and we’ll know in about two weeks how the production of the board is going in China. Our team is making sure that everything is in top shape, so stay tuned for more on that.

The Battery – Early on we had some issues sourcing our battery cell. Again we had an end of life model, and thus decided to ditch it and work on two different projects. First we began designing a brand new cell for ourselves, and second, we started looking for cells that are compatible with the pack we want to build. These are two parallel paths and we will eventually choose the best one.


As usual, our programming team has been working really hard to update our software. There were some crazy advancements made this month, and you’ll be glad to discover lots of new and unexpected features.


We’ve been running some awesome tests, shooting with the camera everywhere from Germany to Lake Tahoe. Stay tuned for some upcoming sneak peeks, and head over to our Facebook group to get some early teases.

Thanks for staying with us!

Keep in touch, and we’ll get back to you soon with more updates. 

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