Hi there,

Great news. We are getting super close to our shipping date - just a matter of weeks! 
Until then, here are some more important updates. 

New Partnerships

In order to enhance and innovate the REVL experience, we have some new and exciting partnerships in the works. Among these upcoming collaborations, there is a pending partnership with drone company AirDog. You may be able to use REVL with a drone that follows you to capture some incredible aerial experiences! 

New Accessories

As always, our team has been hard at work developing awesome new accessories to accompany your REVL.

  • Dual battery charger - we’ve landed upon a final design: it charges two batteries super fast, and is perfectly compact for taking on the go. 
  • Prototype for the new kite mount - we’ve developed this mount to be super simple and easy to use. It will level your camera no matter how your kite moves on the water. It’s also lightweight, and smaller than a GoPro with a waterproof case.
  • Second axis - we’re working on a slimmed down version of the original prototype. More updates coming soon.
  • The REVL “puck” - a tentative name… this device has a GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer, and more. It can be used with the REVL camera to provide more information to the REVL app, helping you to better edit your videos. It’s in the works, and you’ll definitely hear much more about it soon. 
  • Mountain bike mount - finally, our team has also been working on a new mount with a z-shaped stabilizer that’s perfect for mountain bikers and off-roaders. We’ll reveal details on this accessory very soon as well. 

Revl Puck

Tech Updates

Big news - the REVL Apple Watch App is under development! 
The REVL smartphone app will be available on both Android and iOS!

We should note that the REVL app is still a work in progress, but after it launches we will continually make new features available every week. So do stay tuned.

The Gist

To sum things up, the camera is 95% finished. We are just adding final touches and tweaks - making sure that it’s super durable and ready for adventure. Rest assured, the shipping date is just around the corner!

Thanks again for your support and enthusiasm! We could never have gotten this far without your help.

Most importantly, we can’t wait to get these REVL cameras out into the world, and into your hands. 

Thanks again for your continuous support & please do share Revl with your friends!


The Revl Team

Buy Revl Arc 4K Smart Action Camera Adventure Package


Revl Arc is a 4K Waterproof Action Camera with Image Stabilization & Smart Editing

Revl Adventure Package includes:
  • Revl Arc 4K Waterproof Action Camera
  • 5 color lens bumpers
  • Flat adhesive mount
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • 1/4" mount adapter
  • GoPro mount adapter
  • Battery
  • USB Cord
Shipping September 2017