Hey there REVL Smart Action Cam supporters!

We’re back once again with your monthly update. Developing a state-of-the-art 4k action camera is a long and careful process - and while we know you guys are eager to get your cams, we hope you’re enjoying seeing how the production process unfolds.

The great news is that everything is still on schedule, and you guys will still get your REVL cameras in September!

Just a few more months to go…

Testing for perfection

Revl Arc Smart Waterproof 4K Action CameraOur team has been testing just about every aspect of this 4k action cam, and while we still need to make a few fixes - overall it’s looking pretty damn good. Once the testing phase is done, we’ll be ready to start getting the first batch of REVL cameras out!

As you know, we have supporters based all over the world. In order to get REVL to them, we need to make sure that our product checks out with regulations (such as FCC in the US) across all the countries that we are planning to ship to. So, this month our team has been working on making that a reality, and we’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

This month we were also testing polycarbonate vs. gorilla glass for the lens. In the end we decided to go with glass because it can withstand more than 5 times the force than polycarbonate, and it doesn’t scratch that easily. The glass that we chose also has anti-glare coating.

We’re doing everything we can to ensure that when you get your REVL in September, it’s a fine product.

You spoke & we listened

We really take your feedback and input to heart, so when you guys asked for a leash system - we delivered. The newest model of REVL now includes a leash so even if your mounting system breaks off, the leash will keep your camera attached.

Another cheerful announcement - every backer will get two batteries with their REVL as a gift and thank you for being so patient!

Here we are, almost at the end of the road, and our team can’t express just how grateful we are for your ongoing support!

Stay tuned and keep in touch on social media.

Till next month!

The Revl Team

Buy Revl Arc 4K Smart Action Camera Adventure Package


Revl Arc is a 4K Waterproof Action Camera with Image Stabilization & Smart Editing

Revl Adventure Package includes:
  • Revl Arc 4K Waterproof Action Camera
  • 5 color lens bumpers
  • Flat adhesive mount
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • 1/4" mount adapter
  • GoPro mount adapter
  • Battery
  • USB Cord
Shipping September 2017