Hey there backers! We’ve been working on planning the REVL release, packaging, distribution and more—and we’ve got some pretty great updates for you.

Many of you have been asking us about this, and we are glad to report that we are on track for REVL’s August release! We’re getting there!

Engineering Update

First things first, we are on schedule with our engineering timeline. This month we have been focusing on developing tools for testing every function of the device. All together there are eighteen stations in the assembly line that test everything from the Arc’s cameras to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and durability. Testing is really important to our process, because we want to ensure the highest quality with each product.

Manufacturing Update

We’re in the last stretch, which is both challenging and exciting. This month we’ve been making final tweaks to the Arc’s finish and also finalizing the components of the device—a lot of thought, work and testing goes into each piece. Our manufacturing head has been going around, meeting with manufacturers and suppliers to find the highest quality parts and materials, so you’ll get the most premium device possible.

App Design Update

As usual, we’re still perfecting our UI—an endless process. We’ve got our library design up and ready. With this library you can filter between photos and videos by sliding; everything is made to be sleek and easy to use. We briefly mentioned in the previous update that you can add music to your videos. Now, we can confirm that you can add any song in your iTunes library to your video—pretty cool!

Packaging Update

After trying out what seems to be a million designs, we’ve landed on a packaging design that is extra small and has a tiny carbon footprint. Since our team is crazy about extreme outdoor sports, we want to make sure that our product is respectful of the natural world we enjoy so much. Our packaging is made entirely out of recyclable materials, and we are trying to incorporate recycled materials as well.

Revl Arc Packaging

For more exclusive info as well as the full “unboxing” experience, head to our Facebook group and watch our live updates!

Thanks for your support! We seriously cannot do any of this without you. Cheers!

Buy Revl Arc 4K Smart Action Camera Adventure Package


Revl Arc is a 4K Waterproof Action Camera with Image Stabilization & Smart Editing

Revl Adventure Package includes:
  • Revl Arc 4K Waterproof Action Camera
  • 5 color lens bumpers
  • Flat adhesive mount
  • Curved adhesive mount
  • 1/4" mount adapter
  • GoPro mount adapter
  • Battery
  • USB Cord
Shipping September 2017