4K: Meet the REVL Arc: a 4K smart action camera with built-in gimbal technology and some awesome video features

Stephan Jukic – March 18, 2016

The small and very new Y Combinator startup REVL, which itself only came into existence in the winter of 2016, has now launched their first major product, a smart action camera that solves two particularly annoying problems many action cameras face: footage shakiness and overly complicated video editing.

We’re talking about the REVL Arc and it has been fleshed out by ex-NASA, Sikorsky and HP engineers with a built-in motorized gimbal that lets the camera keep its view level with the horizon even under rough conditions. Furthermore, the Arc is waterproof down to a depth of 10 feet, comes with WiFi, Bluetooth communications and offers a battery charge that lasts for a solid 90 minutes when filming in 4K resolution. Given how quickly 4K video processing drains most portable device batteries, this is actually pretty impressive, superior even to the 4K video battery power of many larger prosumer ultra HD cameras.

In other words, the Arc does not quite have all the robust specs of the GoPro Hero Black 4K action camera but it still manages to deliver some very unique features.

Arc also comes with built-in sensors that track altitude, camera speed and rotation. The reading indicators from these sensors are then fed into the little action cam’s processing system to detect movement activity and help make smart recommendations on what the best way to grab video in a given situation is.

Thus, for example, the editing algorithm in the Arc can take captured telemetry information from an hour long mountain biking ride in rugged terrain and then select and feature the particular clips from this video in which the user of the camera was doing their most interesting stuff like jumps and flips while leaving the rest of the more tedious footage in the background.

All of the smart editing for the REVL Arc can be done through REVL’s own mobile app and this app itself is carefully designed to provide users with a quick shoot-edit-share functionality for easy and fast management of captured video clips. Users can even also add telemetry overlays which show data like altitude, speed and other metrics over top of a piece of recorded video.

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