Revl’s Leadership

Revl was founded by Eric Sanchez, Nelson Vazquez, and Bruce Pla in 2015.


Eric Sanchez

Position: CEO, Co-founder

What does he do?: Eric is CEO at Revl with experience in aerospace and robotics. He not only leads Revl’s vision and business development, but also adds deep technical knowledge from his previous experiences as overall system designer.

Notable Companies / Orgs: Sikorsky, HP, GM

Relevant previous experience: Eric is an electrical engineer with experience in robotics and control systems. He has experience working on fly-by-wire systems for Sikorsky’s Blackhawk helicopter, and infotainment systems for GM. Before founding Revl Eric was in charge of a product line of servers at HP Enterprise. Eric is also a self-made entrepreneur, in 2003 he developed and sold medical record software in the Caribbean. By 2008 he was running a successful kiteboarding store named Viva Epic in Puerto Rico. By 2010 he was developing and selling interactive commercial touchscreen tables and bars to hotels and restaurants in Puerto Rico.


Nelson Vazquez

Position: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Co-founder

What does he do?: Nelson is an electrical engineer with specialization in control systems, robotics and electronics. He leads the hardware team at Revl which includes hardware design and embedded firmware development.

Notable Companies / Orgs: NASA, Honeywell Aerospace, Texas Instruments

Relevant previous experience: Nelson has experience in analog and digital electronics as an application engineer for audio amplifiers, micro-controllers and DSP’s at Texas Instruments. Nelson joined Honeywell Aerospace to work on electronic designs of aircraft and satellite electronic control units. Right before founding Revl with Eric Sanchez and Bruce Pla, Nelson was working as a hardware engineer at NASA leading a small team of engineers on hardware and software simulation of the Vehicle Management Computer (VMC) for the Orion Spacecraft.


Bruce Pla

Position: Chief Design Officer (CDO), Co-founder

What does he do?: Bruce leads Revl’s industrial design and manufacturing. He is in charge of product design, rapid prototyping, sample verification, sourcing manufacturers, assembly line optimization, supply chain management, and quality control. 

Notable Companies / Orgs: Zakees, Techshop, Westward Leaning, Shine On LED

Relevant previous experience: Before Revl, Bruce worked with several startups such as Zakees, Westward Leaning, Shine on LED, and Techshop. While working with these companies Bruce learned what it takes to bring ideas to reality. Jobs typically consisted of branding, ergonomic design, product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. These skills combined with over a year of experience in China, has ensured that issues regarding manufacturing get addressed and solved quickly so that each production unit meets our strict quality criteria.


Oliver Dain

Position: Lead Machine Learning and AI Engineer 

What does he do?: Oliver is Revl’s lead machine learning engineer. He is responsible for architecting and building key pieces our cross-platform AI video editing technology. He also is responsible for managing our data collection and tagging tools. 

Notable Companies / Orgs: MIT Lincoln Lab, Google

Relevant previous experience: With over 20 years of experience in machine learning at companies such at Google, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, SAS Institute, and a variety of startups he has built machine learning solutions for everything from natural language processing, credit card fraud detection, and computer vision. He has experience building novel machine learning algorithms and building massively scalable infrastructure for running such algorithms, processing petabytes of data per day in real time.